Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pokemon Conquest ROM

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Pokemon Conquest-ROM-Download-Full-Game-Free-Links
Download-Pokemon Conquest ROM-Full-PC-Game-English

ROM Information:
Archive Name: pkmnconquest.rar
Size: 54.37MB
ROM Name: VYPTv00.nds
Header Info for : VPYTv00.nds
Internal Name: PSL_E
Game Serial: NTR-VPYT-???
Maker Code: 01
Publisher: Nintendo
Version: 1.0 (00h)
Secure Checksum : A23C (BAD)
Logo Checksum   : CF56 (OK)
Header Checksum : C0C0 (OK)
File Size: 2048Mbit (268435456 bytes)
Card Size: 2048Mbit (268435456 bytes) (0Bh)
File CRC32      : BB2616E3
Language : English

*Watch This Video For Installation*

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